Favorite Products

These are just some of my favorite things. Some products I do make money though referrals. This is actually one of my main sources of income. Others are just things I love using and I make no profit though. I just like to give you a view into my world and the products I use. And if I can help you save a few dollars thats an added bonus!



We are very carful about who w partner with. We need to believe in their mission and the quality of their products. All companies below have been curated by our team of certified trainers. These are brands we use, love, trust, and whose mission we fully support.

*we do make a percentage of each order though these referrals.


1st Phorm

1st Phorm manufactures the highest quality products. The FDA does not have any requirements or inspections for supplements. Because of this, many companies get away with adding loads of fillers and suboptimal ingredients. 1st Phorm pays to have their facilities and supplements level 3 SQF inspected. I trust that when I buy their products I get exactly what is on the table. If any batch ever fails inspection, they actually toss the whole batch. Non of it can be used or sold. The level 3 SQF certification is extremely strict. You get what you pay for.

To learn about the supplements I use on a daily basis, see the supplement page here.

For free shipping on every order use 1stphorm.com/alexray.



I love working with OUTWOD because it is more than just a fun workout. It is also an opportunity to help others across my community! OUTWOD is the largest international initiative for bringing together LGBT+ athletes and their allies to raise funds for local charitable organizations by sweating together!

Stay tuned on Instagram for future events with me and OUTWOD!

Check your area for a local OUTWOD event or shop OUTWOD gear with 15% off! Just use coupon code "ALEXRAY" at check out.

*This is a non-profit. I make no commission from your purchase.

Kettlebell Kitchen

Kettlebell Kitchen

Kettlebell Kitchens provides convenient meal prep delivered to your local gym or home. They only use high quality ingredients, with no gluten, no dairy, and never anything artificial! Plus they make it easier than any other meal prep provider by calculating custom meals FOR YOU based on your goals and your age, weight, hight etc. Meals are derived twice a week for maximum freshness. And when you choose any meal plan you also have access to any of their registered dietitians for help customizing your meals or answering any of your nutrition questions.

Use code ALEXRAY at check out for $25 off your first two orders!



These are products we love to use. We are not affiliated with any of these, we just like to use them so we recommend them to all our friends.

Barbell Apparel.png

Barbell Apparel

$50 off your first purchase.


Blackout Fitness Apparel

These are the most comfortable workout pants I have ever worn! Super light weight, stretchy and very loose around the legs. They are a small company based in Maryland.



If you want to workout in comfort and style, Lululemon has hands down, the best gear for men and women. I love wearing my Lulu inside the gym and out. When I used to work in a corporate office, I wore the Lululemon Commission pants every day. They look like dress pants, but way comfier (and they fit big thighs haha).

Stash Logo.png

Stash Invest

Stash is a financial wellness app. Why would I recommend this? Because wellness is about more than just the gym and diet. Wellness is about improving your entire wellbeing. For many of us, money is a huge contributor to stress. If you can learn to be more responsible with your money (i.e. saving, investing, budgeting) you will relieve an unbelievable amount of stress in your life. So here is what I like about Stash...

I was always scared of investing because I didn't understand it. So I never tried. If that sounds like you, then Stash is right up your alley. They have the easiest safest way to invest in a variety of stock portfolios as well as great educational materials. And you only need $5 to start! Sign up with this referral link and Stash will give you the initial $5!

Earn $5 for signing up, then invest it!