This is the part no one likes to read through. But I must have it to protect myself and you. Any services, recommendations, or advice you receive from this site, electronic exchange or in person conversation as your coach falls under these terms and conditions.

My legal name is ALEXANDER RAY and I will be referred to as such throughout this document.

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL FITNESS: Client acknowledges that engaging in client training entails rigorous cardiovascular exercise and strenuous physical activity that involves physical contact and has a potential for bodily injury. Client hereby represents that the Client is physically and mentally fit to participate in a course of instruction.

DISMISSAL: Client agrees that ALEXANDER RAY has the right to dismiss any client at any time for misconduct or actions which ALEXANDER RAY deems inconsistent with the philosophy or practices, of the PROGRAM or if Client puts others at an increased risk due to emotional or physical reasons. Upon dismissal, ALEXANDER RAY will issue a prorated refund based on the actual time used.


REPRESENTATION/WARRANTY: Client understands that any instruction BY ALEXANDER RAY is based wholly upon theory, therefore, Client will hold ALEXANDER RAY free from any representation or warranty, express or implied, with respect to the results the Client may achieve from instruction provided by ALEXANDER RAY. Moreover, nutrition all consulting and recommendations relative to the use of supplements are also based wholly on theory and Client further agrees to hold ALEXANDER RAY free from any representation or warranty express or implied, with respect to the effects of such supplements and Client agrees to consult with their own physician prior to commencing supplement programs.