Brave Fitness is about inclusion and encouragement. It takes a lot of bravery to even set foot in a gym.

Making that initial decision to work on your personal wellness is already a huge step! But nothing great ever came from staying comfortable. That's why we believe the key to living your best life is one Brave step at a time.

Brave Fitness offers personal Fitness and Nutrition training all online! You'll work directly with your Coach 1-on-1 via video call, phone calls, text and email. You'll also join our Facebook group where we have an entire community ready to welcome you and join in encouraging you on your journey. We believe fitness is achievable for anyone, not just athletes, and we are here to help you!


Meet our Coaches


Coach Alex Ray

Founder / Nutrition & Fitness Coach

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Hey, my name is Alex Ray! I'm a NASM Certified Personal Trainer but I haven't always enjoyed fitness.

In fact, growing up I was extremely insecure. I had low self esteem and poor body image. I learned to hate myself because of my sexuality (I'm gay). It wasn't until my early 20s that I finally started finding my identity and feeling comfortable with who I was, inside and out.

With my poor body image, I hated going to the gym. I didn't want other people to laugh at me because I was skinny and weak. I didn't know what I was doing so I imagined I would do something incorrect and people would think I was stupid.

It took years to build my confidence. For me the most helpful fix was finding help. Having a trainer guiding me gave me confidence. Knowledge is power.

Over the years my feelings for the gym and fitness have taken a 180 degree turn. Now I love working out and even more, I love helping others find enjoyment in a healthy lifestyle.

Maybe the reason you are reading this now, is because you don't know where to start. You are just like I was a few years ago. Or maybe you have been working out, but you aren't seeing the results you want. You feel frustrated or confused. Whatever the case, eating right and working out should bring you joy, not burden you.

Don't let your body become an obstacle to your life. I can help you take back control. Helping others achieve their full potential is my greatest passion. And I look forward to walking with you on this journey.

Coach Des Reed Brave Fitness

Coach Des Reed

Nutrition & Fitness Coach

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Hey, I’m Desirae. But most people call me Des. Unless you know me through the Army, then I’m Reed.

The reason I got into fitness wasn’t a positive one. I was always made to believe I was fat at a very young age. Told that if I didn’t always watch what I ate or exercise (only do cardio) every single day, then I wouldn’t be good enough. It made for a very poor body image. To be honest it’s something that I work on every day.

A little about my life: I live in Kansas City but I’m not from Kansas City. I’m from a very little town in Southeastern Missouri called Ste. Genevieve. I used to live in Columbia, Missouri when I went to school. And now I live in Kansas City with my beautiful fiancée, Olivia and our dog Wesley. I work as a trainer at TITLE Boxing Club and I am a Soldier in the Missouri Army National Guard. I am also working on my degree in exercise science. When I graduate I hope to be a physical education teacher.

All in all I have a passion for helping people. I love the excitement and the look in a person’s eyes when they accomplish something they’ve been working so hard on. I’m a huge goofball and really love to make people laugh. Lastly, I am fiercely loyal. If you are there for me in any respect, I am there for you, no matter what.