The Braves

The BRAVES is my online fitness community. Every client is invited to join. But you do not need to be a client to join the movement.

Who are The BRAVES?

We are a group of likeminded people who believe in using our weakest points to change the world for better.

Why "The BRAVES"?

Rome, Greece and Egypt, in ancient times and even the Native Americans in more recent times had warriors know as "Braves." Braves were soldiers that were not forced to fight, they chose to fight. They were protectors, always ready to fight whenever needed. They were small groups known for their insane bravery hence the name Braves.

We are all working on our fitness because we made a choice. A difficult choice. And even a scary choice because now we have committed to something which is going to be hard! It is a brave thing to start on a journey to better your health. Four years ago if you asked me to go to the gym with you I would have answered an emphatic NO! People in the gym are intimidating. All of this is intimidating. I think every single one of us here is brave. Not just brave as an adjective, but we are BRAVES. We are prepared to do hard things. We have decided to do scary things. And we are not going to back down till we get the results we came for!

Beyond fitness...

The BRAVES culture encourages doing hard things, challenging things, scary things, brave things. Because the more we practice being uncomfortable, the more we grow our weaknesses. It takes training in a gym to strengthen weak muscles. So also it takes practice in our everyday lives to turn our weaknesses into our greatest strength.


Join the Movement...